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American Fleet, Inc. specializes in remanufactured and rebuilt Detroit diesel engines, both in motor coach and truck applications across the United States as well as in marine Detroit engines. Throughout several years of interaction with the fleet owners, managers, and mechanics, we have become keenly aware of problems facing large and small operators alike — especially when they find themselves in need of a Detroit diesel engine replacement


American Fleet Inc. has met the challenge of providing Detroit diesel engines over the years that have consistently outperformed our competitors. This becomes evident in the total miles of service you will get out of your engine long past your warranty’s expiration. Most of the other diesel engine remanufacturers have adopted a process of remanufacturing or rebuilding their engines in a way that will grant them the highest margin of profit, instead of focusing on giving you the best quality product they can.


Remanufactured Detroit Diesel Engine for Your 60 series or 8v92 Models

American Fleet, Inc. specializes in a number of Detroit heavy-duty diesel engines including 53 series, 60 series, 71 series, 92 series, and essentially any other Detroit diesel engine that you may have. Our experienced experts can remanufacture your heavy-duty diesel engine or build you a quality exchange engine. If your truck, bus, or equipment engine requires repair or replacement, send it to American Fleet, Inc., a family-owned and operated business that you can trust. Our offices are centrally located in Springfield, Missouri.

Stop by our location at 2441 E. Jean Street to take a look at our available inventory of used and rebuilt heavy-duty diesel engines, and Detroit diesel engines. Whether you have a truck, bus, motor home, construction, fire truck/apparatus, industrial equipment, or military vehicle, our service professionals will quickly and efficiently evaluate your Detroit diesel engine problems and have you back to work in no time.

At American Fleet, Inc., quality service is of the utmost importance to us and our customers. That's why we employ specially trained technicians that also possess additional experience with 60 series and 8v92 Detroit diesel engines as they are quite popular models. Contact American Fleet as soon as you can so we can get your Detroit diesel engine back to you in 2-4 days.

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