Competitors Remanufactures

Most remanufactures have chosen to adopt an assembly line philosophy. These assembly lines are usually the less skilled type technicians that do a small part of the rebuild, then pass it on to the next assembler. These type technicians are usually not the full rounded natural engine technicians, as a result 90% of their engine is assembled with cheaper labor.

Many manufactures will pin or weld blocks that have holes or cracks.

That have been under stress and heat from spun main bearings, most remanufactures will grind and build up main bearings surfaces.

Many manufactures will pin or weld cracked heads.

American Fleet Inc.

We are a custom built Detroit diesel engine remanufacture. All engines are assembled by the very top experienced technicians, that have earned their reputations as the best in industry with an average of 25-40 years experience. Which most of them have started their careers as teenagers. Our engines are 100% assembled with the highest paid skilled labor available.

We will only use good castings that do not need repairing, only machining, to get back to Detroit diesel specs.

We use either new or good standard cranks that pass all specifications, WE WILL NEVER GRIND A CRANKSHAFT.

We will NOT pin or weld heads that are cracked to insure that you are getting the highest level of product. WE WILL NEVER GRIND A CRANKSHAFT.

Contact American Fleet and we'll get your Detroit Diesel engine back to you in two to four days! Call Today: (877) 865-4420!

Our philosophy at American Fleet Inc.

Start with the best block, crank, and heads possible to insure that you are receiving the best quality Detroit diesel engine available.