American Fleet, INC. Detroit Diesel Engine Installation Procedures and Recommendations.

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Our philosophy at American Fleet Inc. is to give you a top quality product to insure you years of uninterrupted service, even if this means a lower margin of profit per engine for our company. We at American Fleet Inc. believe that our remanufacturing process, controls and procedures are proven to be the best among the 2 and 4 cycle Detroit engine remanufactures.

Our quality control process procedures are all agreed upon by our team of four lead technicians that have an average of 35 years of experience in the remanufacturing engine process, with the reputation of being the best in the industry.

  • Steam clean engine compartment, so installation of engine when complete looks Steam clean engine compartment, so installation of engine when complete looks.
  • Replace all hoses, unless they are like new.
  • Double clamp each hose with a new clamp and one used clamp on each end of hose. This ensures that if one clamp would break you would have the safety clamp to prevent loss of coolant and prevent engine from overheating.
  • Suction and return line, And fuel filter shut off valve after many miles get brittle and wore out, causing hard start up and smoke on start up. Most cases this is fixed by installing new lines and ball valve on fuel filter.
  • Make sure fuel check valves are working properly to prevent fuel drain back to tank.
  • Make Sure restrictor fuel fitting is installed.
  • Make sure air filter is replaced or must be like new. Check all hoses and piping to engine to have no holes and cracks that would cause engine to suck dirt into the engine.
  • Radiators must be replaced or rodded out unless history of engine shows it was performing and cooling properly.
  • When installing antifreeze make sure all air is bled out of system before start up.
  • When starting fresh installed engine, make sure always to charge the batteries to make it easier to start, to have maximum cranking RPM's. Prime fuel system for five minutes. Never pressure system, just prime system with hand pump.

    CAUTION: never put over 70 LBS. pressure on fuel system or could cause damage to the injectors.

Installs starting at $4000.00

If you need to save downtime and money let American Fleet Inc. install your engine.